We provide a full hand service. This includes both trauma and reconstructive surgery to the hand.

Common conditions we see and treat include: Carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger fingers, arthritis of the hand, contractures of the fingers(Dupuytrens) and all traumatic conditions.

We have A special interest in the minimally invasive treatment of wrist pain and wrist instability. This essentially is the arthroscopic treatment of conditions which conventionally require open treatment. This minimally invasive surgery is also used for treatment of arthritis of the thumb under certain conditions. Carpal tunnel syndrome can similarly be treated by minimally invasive means when the situation permits.


Rooms: Life Wilgeheuwel Hospital, Amplifier Street, Radiokop Ext 13, Roodepoort

Tel: (0)11 794 8629
E-mail: buchnerfreed@iafrica.com

Dr Neil Freed

The orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Neil M Freed, is fellowship trained. This means that the doctor qualified first as a specialist in orthopaedic surgery and thereafter spent time at an academic institution doing just hand surgery to obtain his fellowship in that subspecialty. He has been practising exclusively hand surgery since 1992.